Marionnet in action

Here are some examples of Marionnet in action, just to show you how it looks like before you download it.


Click on thumbnails in order to see the full-size images.

Marionnet screenshot #1 Marionnet screenshot #2 Marionnet screenshot #3

Complex networks

These screenshots show Marionnet running some very complex networks; Jonathan Roudiere made them to stress-test the system −by the way, using quite a small machine.

Click on thumbnails in order to see the full-size images.

|Marionnet running a complex network #1 |Marionnet running a complex network #2 Marionnet running a complex network #3

Video screencast

If you want to see Marionnet in action before installing it on your machine, you can watch this:

  • This screencast shows Marionnet running a couple virtual machines communicating with one another, and with the host network: screencast (Ogg/Theora, 67Mb)

We also have a more technical screencast illustrating ghostification, a simple but interesting kernel patch we developed for Marionnet: ghostification screencast (Ogg/Theora, 8Mb). If you want to understand more about ghostification, see our 2007 paper about Marionnet.

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