How to install Marionnet with debian packages

Jonathan Roudiere is making a great work creating packages for debian-based distributions, but at the moment the package situation is still in a state of flux: dependencies come and go, packages change names, and the software itself is changing rapidly.

We hope to see Jonathan's work ending up soon in the debian official repository; it should not take that long.

These packages do work (on debian lenny x86 (32-bit)), but if you want the latest and greatest version you should install from sources.

Experimental repository

The current repository is only for debian lenny on x86 (32 bit); as of 2009-06-03, the packaged version of Marionnet is also quite out of date.

You can add the repository to your apt system by appending the line

deb unstable main

to your /etc/apt/sources list, and then run

sudo apt-get update

After that you can try to run

sudo apt-get install marionnet

and everything should be installed automagically.