Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What's the root password on virtual computers?
    • It's simply root, if it's ever requested.
  2. What are the relevant passwords on virtual routers?
    • The default password for quagga is zebra.
  3. How can I have internet access from virtual machines ?
  4. Why graphical applications from virtual machines don't work?
  5. Is there an English version?
    • Sure, Marionnet is now in English.
  6. But I liked the interface in French!
    • Well, now Marionnet is internationalized. The interface will be in French, if your locale is French.
  7. Why don't you also support my own language?
    • We currently support English, French and Italian. If we don't support other languages it's because unfortunately we don't speak them, but we will be very happy to accept your translation if you want to write one. It's easy and it doesn't requite any programming competence.
  8. Is there a .deb somewhere?
    • We are really close to that. As of 24/6/08 the ocamlbricks library has been accepted into debian repository. Marionnet will follow soon.
    • Jonathan Roudiere has prepared some non-official debian packages. They work well but they are only for debian Lenny on x86 (32 bit), and they are not very up to date. See How to install Marionnet with debian packages
  9. Is there a .rpm somewhere?
  10. How can I configure routers? Are they quagga only?
    • If you are not familiar with quagga you can simply set the router ip from the 'Interfaces' tab, and then connect from a machine through ssh and configure them as a regular gnu/linux machine.
  11. How can I share files between host and guests?
  12. I got a problem, what can I do??