Quick start

You want to test Marionnet, a Windows or Apple User, or you're just impatient you can download our Virtualbox Appliance (or from a possibly faster mirror here).

This image is baqsed on a Debian 6 and user can found Marionnet already installed.

Only four steps :

  1. The option vt-x/amd-v must be enable in your computer bios
  2. You must have Virtualbox installed on your computer (Windows, Apple or Linux)
  3. Donwload the appliance (mirror here)
  4. Import the image in VirtualBox : menu File -> Import virtual Appliance
  5. You can start your Virtual machine and connect with the user "user" et password "user"
  6. Click on the Marionnet's icon

That's it !

If you want to connect with root, the password is... root.

Have Fun !