Installing Marionnet


There are several ways of running Marionnet on your computer :

  1. You can run our marionnet_from_scratch script which downloads the needed sources, compiles them on your machine and then installs almost everything. Since the script is very easy to use and it works with the latest version of Marionnet, we recommend this solution particularly to beginners.
  2. On a Debian GNU/Linux system, you can install the (sid) package "marionnet" (thanks to Lucas Nussbaum). If you are working on a stable wheezy you can proceed as follow:

    • add a line like the following in your /etc/apt/sources.list
      deb sid main 
    • then run:
      aptitude update
      aptitude install marionnet/sid
    • finally remove the line about sid from your /etc/apt/sources.list

    Note however that in this way you have just installed the software, not the virtual machines. You can complete the installation using the script marionnet_from_scratch just to download (option -O) the filesystems and the related kernels:

    wget http: // 
    chmod +x marionnet_from_scratch
    PREFIX=$(marionnet --paths | awk '/share.marionnet.filesystem/ {print $3}') 
    ./marionnet_from_scratch -O -p $PREFIX