Compiling Marionnet from sources


Marionnet runs on GNU/Linux, which comes in many different distributions which “package” the software in such a way to make it easy to install and configure for end-users.

Nowadays the great majority of distributions belongs to one of these two large families:

  • the debian family, using deb packages: this includes debian, ubuntu and gNewSense;
  • the RedHat family, using rpm packages: this family includes Mandriva and Fedora.

Compiling Marionnet on a debian-like system

If your distribution is debian-like, you can use our HOWTO for debian-like distributions. The procedure is identical for ubuntu and debian.

Compiling Marionnet on a RedHat-like system

We have a new HOWTO for Fedora 11 explaining the installation procedure in detail.

If you use another RedHat-like distribution, you can use our generic HOWTO for RedHat-like distributions. We have tested the procedure on Mandriva1), but we think that the steps should be essentially identical for other RedHat-like distributions.

Compiling Marionnet on OpenSuse

A user (whom I only know as Pascal) kindly contributed a HOWTO explaining how to compile Marionnet on OpenSuse.

Compiling Marionnet on another GNU/Linux system

There are a few distributions which don't belong to either family. If you happen to use one of them don't worry too much, in most cases the steps to follow will be very similar to the ones for debian-like or RedHat-like systems. By the way, we would be very happy to accept new HOWTOs written by you, for your favorite distribution. If you have installed Marionnet on a distribution that we have not mentioned here, then please write us, and tell us what you did so that we can publish it here and help the other users.

If something fails....

If you have problems with installation then please write us, and we will try to help you. Of course there is no warranty, and if your system breaks you keep both pieces; but we will try.

Downloading sources

You can download the Marionnet sources from launchpad, and the sources of all the rest from